Flood Consequence Assessment, for developments located in Wales, is required as part of any planning application if the site is located within Flood Zones C1 and C2. If the proposed development is located in Flood Zone B a Flood Consequence Assessment may be required with the level of detail dependent upon the location and whether the site is outside the extreme flood event extents (1:1000 flood event).

The requirements are detailed in the Planning Policy Wales Technical Advice Note 15: Development and Flood Risk (TAN 15) which is supervised, with regard to Flood Consequence, by Natural Resources Wales, a new body formed by the Welsh Government in April 2013, whom have taken over the functions previously carried out by the Environment Agency in Wales.

TAN 15 Development and Flood Risk Development Advice Maps have been produced by the Welsh Government, and are available online by clicking here, enter the site location or postcode and the map will display if the site is in a relevant zone and if so what zone is applicable and will give you an indication on the likelihood of a Flood Consequence Assessment being required to accompany a Planning Application for development.